Welcome To Gena Chen Academy -- Passion To Inspire
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Our Commitment

Why Us?

1) We have attained ISO 9001:2008 certification.

- Quality of processes, efficiency and effectiveness of training outcome is assured. 

2) All trainers engaged with us are MOE registered.

- Quality of instructors is assured. 

3) We have a database of 78 active trainers, 33 contracted with us under core team.

- Only seasoned veterans of at least 5 years of training experience qualify with us. 

4) We work 24/7. Call us anytime. 

- Immediate needs and requests are met. 

5) Holistic education through interactive, participative, experiential, activity focused and challenge-based experiences. 

- We are powered by our belief that learning can be fun and effective. Self-mastery is the first step towards excellence in all areas, including academic success. 

6) We serve with a heart. 

- Integrity as the core foundation of our business model. 

- This means we DO NOT bad-mouth or back-stab our competitors. 

- We DO NOT over-promise or under-deliver. You get what it is. 

- We DO NOT use pressure tactics, sales gimmicks or PR manipulation to get deals. Education should never be driven by profits alone. 

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